Writer and Director Jonathan Browning

My love of writing & directing was developed in the fertile theatre world of Chicago. Once I moved to Los Angeles, I started creating a number of award winning short films and I continue to put up new work at live theaters around the city.

I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to continue to work with so many talented artists that I respect and adore.

Director’s Reel

Current Projects

Award Winning Short at the Pasadena International Film Festival

“Self Esteem” was co-directed and co-written by Jonathan.

It will screen at the Pasadena International Film Festival on March 15th.

Madlab’s Theatre Roulette, one-act play festival

Madlab’s Theatre Roulette, one-act play festival

Madlab, in Columbus, Ohio, received thousands of submissions for the 2017 festival but they only selected 21 one-acts.

“Checked Out” by Jonathan was one of the plays selected!

It will be produced and presented on May 12th, 20th, 25th and 27th.

Latest Short Film

The story focusses on Menoes & Teddy, a pair of traveling companions who look back on their life and hesitantly look forward to a very uncertain future.

Written & Directed by Jonathan Browning.

Starring Stoney Westmoreland & Mark Elias.

Monkey Come Home Synopsis & Episode 1 – Preview

MCH Talent, a D-Level Talent Agency run out of an ex-wife’s garage, specializes in representing a variety of performers. Their clients include a number of low-level actors but their niche is Paper Monkeys, people who dress up in costumes and hand out flyers. MCH just got a new co-owner and not everyone is excited about change.

Starring – Josh Callahan,David Alfano, Carrie Weisberg, Tom Farnan, Carl Tart, Sasha Ali, Jamison Scala, Michael Gutierrez & Kelli Jacobson.

Edited by Chris Witt

Produced by Screaming Frog Productions & Shiran Witt

Director of Photography – Justin Perkinson