The Lucky And The Strong: Love

October 30, 2013 we presented our first installment of The Lucky And The Strong at the Second City Hollywood Studio Theatre.  The theme for our maiden voyage was Love.

The following one-acts were written & directed by Jonathan Browning and workshopped with the cast.

The Host – starring Stoney Westmoreland

There was a time when people gathered around a fire and listened, captivated by the single voice of the storyteller.  The hosts invites you to step back into that time and take a journey with him.

Discarded – starring Keith Reay

A homeless man believes he is finished with life but soon discovers that life is not finished with him.

Tell Me A Story – starring Cristen Irene & David Alfano

A pair of young lovers meet in the cemetery to say goodbye.  But before they part forever, James is going to tell her one more story.

Salvation and Scapegoats – starring Jonathan Browning

The First Christian Church is visited by Satan who decides to deliver their Sunday Sermon.  What he shares with them, shakes them to the core and forces many to rethink what they know about their faith.

Love Me – starring Krista Lally & Jamison Scala

A lover makes the ultimate sacrifice when he literally gives his heart to another.  But what may seem like a selfless act, turns out to be incredibly selfish.

The Cast of The Lucky And The Strong: Love

Cristen Irene, David Alfano, Stoney Westmoreland, Jonathan Browning, Krista Lally, Keith Reay & Jamison Scala