The Cast of Loss

The Lucky And The Strong: Loss

November 27, 2013 we presented our second installment of The Lucky And The Strong at the Second City Hollywood Studio Theatre.  The theme for this show was Loss.

The following one-acts were written & directed by Jonathan Browning and workshopped with the cast.

The Host – starring Krista Lally

The host discusses the necessity of darkness for there to be light.  Therefore loss is actually the memory of things we once held dear to our hearts.  Instead of morning the loss, she invites us to celebrate the love we once had instead.

Stalled – starring Keith Reay

A harried businessman waits impatiently at the bus stop.  He discovers an abandoned briefcase and what he finds inside changes his life forever.

Praise and Blame – starring Rachel Crane

At her Mother’s eulogy, a woman shares the complex feelings of losing her Mother and reveals a family secret that has been buried for too long.

One Last Story – starring Jonathan Browning

Twenty-years after saying goodbye to his first love, James returns to the cemetery to tell her what has become of his life and to share with her one last story.

The Cast of Loss

The cast: Rachel Crane, Keith Reay, Krista Lally and Jonathan Browning