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The Answer

Recently I found myself  indulging in one of my “favorite” pastimes.  I was complaining about how incredibly busy I am with a series of upcoming projects.  “I have two shorts in post-production, I’m producing two features, co-writing another one, writing a pilot and shooting two webseries.”  My shoulders slumped and my head down, I continued.  […]

The Power Of The Flower

I was meeting a friend in West Hollywood for Brunch.  It’s something we try to do at least a few times a month, to touch base rejuvenate our souls and to get our laugh quotas in for the week.  We talk about dating, love, the business, dreams, fears, who we are and who we want […]

A Father’s Inspiration

I have often heard friends discuss how their parent’s taste in music created the foundation for their own musical appreciations.  They would say, “My parents would listen to Jazz and it really helped me appreciate it.”  or “Every time I hear this country song, it makes me think of my father.” Growing up and even […]

Mountainfilm on Tour’s Family of Filmmakers

Mountainfilm is an amazing festival that takes place each year in Telluride, Colorado. Here is their mission statement, “Mountainfilm is dedicated to educating, inspiring and motivating audiences about issues that matter, cultures worth exploring, environments worth preserving, adventures worth pursuing and conversations worth sustaining.” I have been honored to have three short films screen at […]

Love & Cards

“Lucky at cards, unlucky in love.” There is a good chance that you’ve heard some variation of this idiom.  Recently I gave this theory some serious thought when a friend invited me to play a “friendly game” of Texas hold ’em.  Side note, any time the term “friendly” is used to describe a game, know […]

Pancake Time!

The first spot I ever booked in Los Angeles was for “Ah, The Power of Cheese” by the Dairy Council.  In the commercial, I try to purchase cheese at a small shop and inadvertently trigger an elaborate security alarm.  I trip a laser beam, get hit by a giant paint ball and am finally arrested by […]