The Power Of The Flower

I was meeting a friend in West Hollywood for Brunch.  It’s something we try to do at least a few times a month, to touch base rejuvenate our souls and to get our laugh quotas in for the week.  We talk about dating, love, the business, dreams, fears, who we are and who we want to be.  Topics discussed with others, but with a depth and honesty only shared between two truly close friends.

It was a beautiful day and we decided to eat outside.  I kept seeing people carrying these beautiful bouquets of flowers.  While the flowers were all different, they were all wrapped with newspaper around the bottom of the stems.  There is just something about this that makes my heart happy.  Flowers purchased in haste at a convenience store are always wrapped tightly in cellophane flowers wrapped in newspaper….well, it makes me think of New York or Paris.

A couple passed carrying a fresh bouquet and I asked them where they got them.  They both smiled, pointing up the street and said, the farmer’s market. I commented how beautiful they were and the man dipped them down toward me as the woman said, “Smell them!  They are amazing!”  They were amazing.

It was a nice exchange and we all wished the other a good day.  As they walked off, Brooke and I returned to our conversation.  The last time we had met, she had mentioned how she always buys flowers for herself but rarely gets flowers from anyone else.  I had asked the couple because I had planned to get some flowers for her that morning but couldn’t find where everyone was getting the flowers.  I told her of my plan and brushed it off with, “Talk is cheap.  I didn’t actually succeed in getting you any.”  She assured me that it was the thought that counts.  Just then, the man appeared back at our table.  In his hand, he held a single flower.

He had found a knife to separate it from the bundle and handed it to me.  It was such a lovely gesture and I told him that he reaffirmed my belief in humanity and his face lit up with a huge smile.

I placed the flower in my glass of water on our table.  It was so fragrant that it filled the air around us.  Both of us smiling like fools at the kindness of a stranger.

After brunch I walked Brooke to her car and handed her the single flower.  Her face lit up as if I had filled a room full of roses.  As I walked away, I saw her sitting in her car…eyes closed…holding the flower close and breathing in it’s fragrant smell.  A smile on her face.  It was a gift to see such a great friend being so completely happy.  It was a gift given to me by a stranger who took the time to share one of his flowers with me.

We are often reminded, if you want a better life…be sure to stop and smell the flowers. I would like to add to that statement. If you want a better life and want to help others have one too…stop and share your flowers.

I hope everyone today has an opportunity to share with someone else.

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